As someone who travels a lot, as well as works out in the gym frequently, I always find myself searching for hotels that have adequate amenities. My first search is to find a hotel that has a good gym or swimming pool facilities. After that, I then narrow it down to see which of those have jacuzzis in them. Why do I put so much effort into this? Well, I’ll explain now.

hotels with jacuzzi in room near me
Hotels with jacuzzi in room near me – Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa

What is a Jacuzzi?

Before we continue on, some of you may not know exactly what a Jacuzzi is. a Jacuzzi is essentially a hot tub, which uses strong jets to push the water around. These currents and bubbles are used for therapeutic reasons, the same way you might go visit a masseuse, and will generally allow you to feel more relaxed than just sitting in hot water. The term Jacuzzi is thrown around a lot these days, but it’s actually a brand name, rather than what it is. Roy Jacuzzi invented this style of hot tub to be used for hydrotherapy treatment in the 1950’s. Towards the 60s though, Jacuzzis started to become popular in the commercial market.

hotel rooms with jacuzzi
hotel rooms with jacuzzi

How much am I going to pay for a room with a Jacuzzi?

If you spoke to a friend about getting a hotel room with a Jacuzzi built into it, they’d assume you were very well-off and lived the high life. Nowadays, it’s really just a matter of locating a hotel that has them, rather than splashing out on ridiculous prices. Of course prices will vary considerably, depending on location and hotel quality, but it’s possible to get a room for under $100 a night. Hotels in the larger, inner cities will always be more expensive than those in the suburbs, but the suburb hotels will usually have bigger rooms for the price.

If you aren’t limited by a budget, then you may be interested in booking a Jacuzzi suite. Prices start usually from a couple of hundred dollars, onwards, and will vary depending on location. These suites are a lot bigger than a standard room, and will often have a lounge or living room, as well as a separate bedroom.

Who is the target audience for rooms with a Jacuzzi?

Primarily, hotel rooms with Jacuzzis built into them were initially designed for romantic getaways. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary or just valentine’s day in itself, a Jacuzzi has always been a popular choice for couples.

Business people on business trips are the secondary target audience. After a long days work, and lots of traveling, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a Jacuzzi and reflecting on the day. This is the main reason why I always try and get a room with one; it helps me relax. Some people unwind by having a bottle of wine or something, whereas I unwind by sitting in a hot tub.

hotels with private jacuzzi in room
Elysium Resort & Spa – hotels with private jacuzzi in room

How to find hotels with Jacuzzi in room near me?

There are a few different places that you’ll find Jacuzzis. The easiest place to find them are high-end hotels, and hotels that are marked as romantic resorts. However, you can just as easily find them available in B&Bs, or even some chain hotels like the Holiday Inn. When browsing, be sure to input your check in/check out date, as Jacuzzi rooms are often booked first, so even if a hotel says they have them, they may not be available for the dates you’re wishing to stay with them for. Inputting your budget range is also a good idea, Jacuzzi rooms can often go for extremely high prices, so by filtering out the rooms due to your budget can save you a lot of time.

Just like how all hotels can vary, the same can be said for Jacuzzis and their locations. Some hotels will have them either in the bathroom, or the bedroom, and some may have them located in their own separate room. The size of a Jacuzzi can vary significantly also, so if you’re planning a romantic getaway, be sure it’s at least big enough for two people.

hotels with jacuzzi in room
hotels with jacuzzi in room – Royal Marmin Bay.

What are the benefits of using a Jacuzzi?

Everyone knows that sitting in a hot tub is relaxing, the same way as taking a bath can be relaxing. However, the health benefits of using one are numerous. As we said previously, the Jacuzzi specifically, was designed to be used for hydrotherapy.

If you’re suffering from muscle and joint pain, using a hot tob will help relief some of that pressure, the same way that having a massage will help. It’s also been shown that, by using a Jacuzzi before going to sleep, it can aid you in getting a better nights sleep. The water jets are adjustable, so you can target the areas of your body that need the most pressure.

Jacuzzi’s have also been found to help with circulation and blood flow, within the body. This is achieved by the heat and movement of the water from the jets. This allows oxygen to travel around the body more efficiently, resulting in your body healing itself faster.

Jacuzzi’s have been found to increase air and blood circulation in the body. Learn more about the hot tubs wasilla. The combination of heat and the movement of water in a Jacuzzi help improve the body’s circulatory functions. This results in better organ functionality. Also, oxygen is also delivered in huge amounts to the different parts of the body, aiding in healing. Nutrient circulation and distribution is also made more efficient after a Jacuzzi hot tub session, that’s why you feel refreshed afterward.

Using a Jacuzzi can help relieve you of anxiety and any apprehension you may be feeling. Your body is in a more relaxed state when submerged in water, so with the added bonus of having jets and hot water, you’ll be sure to stop worrying about your work in no time.


Happy Jacuzzi-ing!

It’s likely that if you’re reading this article, you have already made your mind about booking a hotel with a Jacuzzi in. However, if you haven’t, then I really do recommend it the next time you’re away traveling. Or if you have a few hotels near you, treat yourself to a relaxing night.

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