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Planning a vacation is very important to ensure that you maximize the fun and minimize the issues. That is why it is very critical that you don’t take your accommodation for granted. Choosing the wrong accommodation can easily turn even the best vacation destinations into a nightmare. Fortunately for you, there is a way to make things easier and that is with our help. Find the best “hotels near me” using our search directory.

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Why Use Hotels Near Me? Do I really need to use a hotel directory when my travel agency can do that for me?

The thing with travel agencies is that most of them have their own agendas. By this, we mean that they only recommend hotels that will give them a commission. In a way, you will have limited options when you blindly trust a travel agency. Using a hotel directory, especially Hotels Near Me, will give you more control when it comes to preference and expenditure.

Different Hotel Categories

Hotels have the tendency to fashion themselves in accordance with a specific category. This makes it easier for travelers to find them in relation to their specific accommodation needs and desires. Do you need plenty of space? Is the budget your highest priority? Or, perhaps you prefer to be pampered? Knowing the right hotel category makes it easier for you to find the best accommodation.

Budget Friendly Hotels

Budget hotels aim to provide you with the lowest rates possible. However, don’t expect the best services and amenities. In fact, some budget hotels simply offer you a bed and a bathroom. Of course, some will offer you a room with refrigerators and microwaves. It all depends on the hotel. As a general rule, the price is directly proportional with services and amenities. This means that if the price goes down, the services and amenities also go down. Yet, budget hotels are perfect if you are trying to maximize your budget. After all, most travelers will simply be using the hotel for sleeping as they go out of the hotel during the day.

Suite Hotels

Suite hotels offer you with a living area or sitting room of your own and they also come with 1 or 2 bedrooms. It’s also not uncommon for suite hotels to provide guests with their own kitchen area. You can expect a complimentary full breakfast and free internet connection. Keep in mind that suite hotels are subdivided into smoking and non-smoking. Some suite hotels may accept both and the rest simply segregate the rooms into smoking and non-smoking. Suite hotels are great if you are traveling with a family. A suite is usually designed to be cozy and the kids will also have a bed of their own.

Boutique Hotels

A boutique hotel may offer you a unique service. This type of hotel may have a notable theme, unique artistic touches, or novel architecture. Most boutique hotels offer a traveler with myriads of options including a suite that has an ambiance that comes from a bohemian setting, complete with an in-house art gallery and fine artworks in the room. Some boutique hotels are decorated with crystal clear interior walls or levitating beds. There are also rooms that glow with fiber optic lighting. Boutique hotels are great for travelers who want a different experience while traveling.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are the exact opposite of budget hotels. Luxury hotels offer you an exceptional level of amenities, services, and comfort. For example, the housekeeping service may include more frequent cleaning sessions, turn-down service, exchanging of towels, and making of the beds. Within the premises of the luxury hotel, you can expect top-quality fine dining restaurants. Some luxury hotels may even offer personal chauffeur and butler services. As mentioned before, the price is directly proportional with services and amenities. In this case, as the service and amenities are exuberant, you can expect the price to be nowhere near the term cheap. Hence, a luxury hotel is great for travelers that want the best luxuries without the care for budgeting concerns.

Spa Resort Hotels

Spa resorts and resort hotels offer extended spa services, restaurants, and accommodations. However, the defining trait of resorts is the long list of activities that a guest can enjoy. For example, a spa resort may provide large spas, massage services as well as preventative and diagnostic facilities. Of course, resorts usually have a niche of activities they provide and some may include horseback riding, falconry, concerts, and culinary demos. Resorts are great for travelers that want to “get away”. If you are a kind of traveler that wants to visit a ton of local destinations, then you might want to steer away from resorts. This is because a resort is specifically designed to be the main destination of a vacation.

Extended Stay Hotels

You can think of an extended stay hotel as something that provides accommodations that can be considered as a home away from home. This is because extended stay hotels are designed to accept accommodations that span for a week, a month, or even longer. These hotels share similarities to a small apartment as you can expect laundry facilities and kitchens. Housekeeping services are not frequent but you can expect a once a week thorough cleaning session to be done by the in-house maid. Yet, there are still some extended stay hotels that offer the option of daily tidying for extra fees. Extended stay hotels are great for travelers that require a stay of more than a week. They are also perfect for businessmen who may need to stay in one location for a week or more. In short, extended stay hotels are in between a hotel and an apartment.

While planning a vacation can get hectic as there are a lot of things to keep track of and things to do, always keep in mind that you have to take care of your accommodation. With the help of Hotels Near Me, you can make this task a lot easier. Our hotel directory saves you time and money. Also, we can provide vital information about a specific hotel and a local destination.

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